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MMFF 2022


1. FAMILY MATTERS (Nuel Naval)

This movie puts Filipino Family on pedestal while also embracing its imperfections. This movie matters. Read full here.

2. NANAHIMIK ANG GABI (Shugo Praico)

Tahimik ang atake sa mga eksena. Maingay ang sinisigaw nitong ganda. Read full here.

3. LABYU WITH AN ACCENT (Malu Sevilla, Rodel Nacianceno)

The movie is good as a comedy, but not as a drama. Read full here.

4. MY TEACHER (Paul Soriano)

The story’s conclusion is somehow fitting to the title afterall. Read full here.

5. MY FATHER, MYSELF (Joel Lamangan)

Andiyan lang ang pelikula para pag-usapan. At duon na natapos ang kanilang hangarin. Read full here.

6. DELETER (Mikhail Red)

Should we delete this MMFF entry? Read full here.

7. PARTNERS IN CRIME (Cathy Garcia-Molina)

The movie has two crimes: Comedy failure partnered with a Story failure. Read full here.

8. MAMASAPANO (Lester Dimaranan)

The movie aims to tell the story of the fallen 44, but it was not served. Read full here.

Date Released: December 25, 2022 for MMFF 2022

Movie Review Ranking by: Goldwin Reviews



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