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RANKING for the TMFF 2024 Short Films:

  1. An Kuan (Joyce Ramos)

  2. Una't Huling Sakay (Vhan Marco Molacruz)

  3. Bahay, Baboy, Bagyo (Miko Biong)

  4. Pinilakang Tabingi (John Pistol Carmen)

  5. Ditas Pinamalas (Adrian Renz Espino)

  6. Happy (M)other's Day (Ronnie Ramos)

  7. Ballad of a Blind Man (Charlie Vitug)

  8. threefor100 (Cedrick Labadia)

TMFF 2024 has a total of 12 SHORT FILMS (4 Short Films by Featured Directors and 8 Short Films by Student Filmmakers):

  1. Lumang Tugtugin (Pepe Diokno)

  2. Nananahan (Dwein Baltazar)

  3. Shortest Day, Longest Night (Miko Biong)

  4. May at Nila (Sigrid Andrea Bernardo)

NOMINATIONS & ACCOLADES: Note that the nominations and awards mentioned in these charts are not in any way related to the official TMFF 2024. This post is just to show appreciation to the artists behind each category.

SCORE CARD: Each one of us has our own reasons why we like a movie. Here's for Goldwin Reviews.

What's your favorite among the TMFF 2024 Short Films?

  • An Kuan (Joyce Ramos)

  • Bahay, Baboy, Bagyo (Miko Biong)

  • Ballad of a Blind Man (Charlie Vitug)

  • Ditas Pinamalas (Adrian Renz Espino)



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